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Map & Compass Training - 1 or 2 day courses.
Guided group and individual day walks.
Two or three day backpacking adventures.

Thank you for choosing “Old Plodder” for your Map & Compass training course or Guided Day Walks.
We cater for participants that are slightly older, but still active. Enjoy the journey, it’s not just the number of peaks climbed but the whole experience. We give you time to stand & stare (& get your breath back).


This Consent Form must be completed by the participant, if the form is not completed, then you will not be able to participate.

Please complete all sections.

A Parent or legal guardian must complete this Consent Form for under 18s.

All information will be treated in confidence.

Please visit the “Old Plodder, ” website, for recommended equipment to carry. This will vary depending upon the season of the year & the terrain that the likely to be encountered .



Location :-





Your phone number:- 

Your email address:- 

Your postal address (inc postcode):- 



Emergency contact (name and phone number):- 


How often do you exercise & type?:- 


What regular exercise do you currently do?:- 


When did you last climb a hill, fell or mountain?:- 


The name of hill/mountain & date climbed?:- 


Your walking experience? :- 

Medical conditions, disabilities, allergies or special requirements

For your own and other participants safety & enjoyment, please list all pre-existing medical conditions, disabilities, allergies, special requirements or recent illnesses that may affect your participation in this activity:- 

How does this effect your mobility?:- 

[Please ensure you bring any & sufficient medication you require for the duration of the course/walk]

We will do our best to accommodate your condition, and customise the activity to meet your needs.
If you have a pre-existing medical condition that may make it unsafe for you to take part in this activity, then it may be necessary to seek advice from your GP or medical specialist. Best to be safe than sorry for all involved.

All information will be treated in confidence.


Please confirm that you are the participant.

Signature to confirm the above details are correct at the time of signing


Be aware that valley, hill and mountain walking are activities have an inherent and unavoidable risk of accident, personal injury or death. I understand the nature of the activity I have chosen to take part in and accept the risks involved. 

I consent to emergency medical treatment or medication to be administered to me during the activity in the event of injury /accident. It may take longer for medical assistance to arrive in remote areas.

Please confirm that you have a reasonable and suitable level of fitness and ability for your chosen activity.

I confirm that the information I have provided on this Consent Form is accurate and complete.

I undertake to inform “Old Plodder” of any changes to the medical, physical or personal information I have provided on this Consent Form between signing this form and the day of the activity

By completing this Consent Form I confirm that I have read through, understood and accepted the Terms & Conditions detailed below; I am fully aware of the type of activity I will be undertaking; I consent to my or my child’s participation.

Old Plodder” provides the map & training activity only - Compasses and laminated relevant sections of the map will be provided. We do not provide food or travel to or from the activity location, 
You will need to obtain your own accommodation if you require it.

See below for Terms & Conditions


Hill & Mountain environment – walking and participating in adventurous activities within these locations carry a risk of personal discomfort, accident, injury or death. Which we will endeavour to prevent but cannot guarantee. Accidents do happen, it is the nature of the activity.
You will meet challenging, difficult and different terrains, landscapes and weather conditions, which is part the challenge of the activity. There is increased risk of injury during the activity, due to uneven terrain and increased effects of weather at height. 
The most common accident and/or injury in the outdoors include slips, trips and falls, as well as personal injury such as blisters, strained muscles, scratches & stings, sunburn, getting cold and varying degrees of personal discomfort due to weather/ground conditions (these are just examples and is not an exhaustive list). Of course, more serious accidents/injuries may occur due to the natural environment (steep, uneven, rocky, wet, slippery ground), personal health issues and extreme weather conditions. By taking part in this activity, you are aware of and accept these risks.

Terrain: You will meet and participate in activities in varying degrees of uneven and rough terrain, muddy/rocky/wet ground, in remote and open countryside.
Mountains, high hills and Moorland contain steep ground, stiles, stream crossings, which increase risks of injury’. 
There may be a number of ascents/descents, some of which may be steep and sustained. We may also encounter adverse weather conditions on the walk, as well as darkness and/or poor visibility. 

Never underestimate the strenuous nature of walking particularly when it is combined with the natural environment, hill and mountainous terrain and the elements. 

Personal responsibility: Jim Haskell trading as “Old Plodder” does not accept any responsibility for personal accidents or injury or for loss or damage to personal effects unless caused by his negligence as Walk Leader

We strongly recommend you have adequate personal insurance cover for accident or injury, as well as travel insurance in case of cancellation. 

Safety: All participants must take heed of any safety information, guidance or hazard warnings given by the Walk Leader during the pre-walk briefing or whilst on the walk.

Non Participation: The Walk Leader reserves the right to refuse to take a participant whom they consider will be unable to complete the planned activity, is wearing unsuitable clothing or footwear, ignores direct safety instructions from the Walk Leader or whose language and/or behaviour falls below an acceptable standard that causes offence to other group members or puts others within the group at risk.
If a participant chooses to leave the organised group at any time during the walking activity and makes it clear or obvious that they are leaving the organised group, then the Walk Leader ceases to have any responsibility or liability for that participant with immediate effect.

Fitness and Experience – A reasonable level of fitness is required to participate in our activities. 
No previous hill-walking experience is required. 
Guidance and advice will be given and needs to be heeded by participants, the environment can be demanding. 
Walks and activities are aimed to be enjoyed by all of those participating, taking into consideration the experience, average fitness levels of the group, ground and weather conditions encountered or predicted.
The Walk Leader, will be constantly assess the strengths and weaknesses of the group, and adjust the walk or activity, to err on the side of safety. The hills, moors and mountains will the will always be there, to be visited at a later date.

Backpacking and some mountain walks, require a higher level of fitness and stamina.

Consent Form: The actual person participating in the activity MUST the complete the Consent Form prior to the event taking place; and can not be done on behalf of someone else, unless the Consent Form is for their child who is under 18 years old. completed a Consent Form. 


We will not accept a participant onto any activity unless they have completed the consent form.
All information provided must be accurate and complete.
Any changes in circumstances between the consent form being completed and the activity commencing/ taking place, must be passed onto “Old Plodder” prior ton the commencement of the activity. For the safety of all those participating.

Infectious Diseases:- We have all seen the effect of COVID -19 on our lives. Any further infectious diseases, that may occur, all government & medical advice must be observed.

Outdoor clothing & footwear: Suitable clothing & footwear must be worn. Advice on suitable clothing and foot wear will be given. If unsuitable clothing & footwear is worn, those involved may not be able to take part in the activities. Safety first.

Alcohol & Smoking – Due to the risks involved and the physical exertion involved these are best avoided. 

Dogs – Well behaved and controlled dogs are allowed on the courses at the discretion of the walk leader. The dog owner is responsible for the conduct of the dog. Dogs must be kept on a lead, due to risk to farm animals and wildlife. Dogs may present a further risk of slip or fall. 

Accommodation, Food & Travel – This is the responsibility of the Individual participant. These are not provided by “Old Plodder.”

We strongly recommend you have adequate travel & personal insurance in case of cancellation.

Payments – full payment is required prior to the walk to secure your booking.

Transfer of Bookings – If you are not able to attend your chosen walk or the course has to be cancelled due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances. You can request a Transfer of Booking . 

All Transfer of Bookings must be requested and confirmed in writing by email, text or post and a minimum of 3 days prior to the booked activity.
If the activity is cancelled by “Old Plodder” this will only be in exceptional circumstances. Poor weather is not an exceptional excuse, unless the weather is exceptional and dangerous.

If the booking is on a more expensive course, the additional fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the new course. If the cost of the “new” course is less than the original course, no refund will be given.

You may only make one transfer of booking. Any further transfers will require full payment of the new course.

If you wish to cancel your participation, the following refunds are available.

Over 30 days a full refund.
Between 29 days and 15 days prior to the activity - 75% refund.
Between 14 days and 3 days - 50% refund.
Less than 3 days - 25% refund.

To transfer an activity the following fees are applicable:- 10% of the full course/activity, to cover the cost of 
all paper works etc. 

Notification on the day of the event or non attendance of the event – no transfer available

Holiday cancellation insurance is highly recommended - due to the greater risk of extreme of weather conditions or your inability to part take due to ill health or injury. 

Cancellation by the walk leader/Old Plodder – the walk may be cancelled by the Walk Leader at any time prior to the walk due to illness of the Walk Leader, Government advice or law (for example, Covid-19), adverse weather conditions or forecast or any other force majeure. 

The decision to cancel the walk lies solely with the Walk Leader. In the event of cancellation by the Walk Leader, then “Old Plodders” liability is limited to the cost of your chosen activity only. 

If the event is cancelled by the Walk Leader/”Old Plodder” you will be offered the following options:

1) A free transfer onto another scheduled similar activity on our website.

2) You will receive a credit note to be redeemed within 12 months against any advertised activity, any additional cost must be paid

3) You will receive a full refund.

Change during the walk: The pre-planned routes may be subject to change whilst on the walk due to adverse weather conditions, pace of the group, fitness and ability levels, accidents or injuries etc. In extreme circumstances the walk may be terminated. Once the walk has commenced then any such changes to the pre-planned walk are deemed to be part of the walk. The decision to change or terminate the walk lies solely with the Walk Leader. 

Over 18s: All participants must be aged 18 years or over. Under 18s (minimum age 14) may attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and with prior agreement with “Old Plodder” as some of our activities are unsuitable for under 18s.

All walks/activities are subject to availability.

These Terms and Conditions must be read in conjunction with the Consent Form, relevant webpage on our website, and/or Walk or Course Overview, which gives more details of the chosen activity. Together the Consent Form, Terms & Conditions, webpage and/or Walk or Course Overview form the contract between us.

Please note that any agreement between us will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and, by booking a walk with us, you agree to this and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


Your contract is with: James Haskell, 13 Fountains Road, Northallerton, North Yorkshire DL6 1QR trading as “Old Plodder”.

James ‘Jim’ Haskell is a qualified Mountain Leader (summer) and holds a current Outdoors First Aid certificate as well as Public and Civil Liability Insurance.


Dated:- 3rd July 2023

Signature to confirm you have read the conditions



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