Do you want to the learn the skills to navigate & trek safely in the Mountains, Moors & Dales of the UK?
Jim aka the 'Old Plodder' has many years experience of walking in the mountains & hills, and with over 25 years of those as a qualified mountain leader, and he can teach you those invaluable techniques!
On a Basic or Advanced Navigation Course, learn the procedures he has acquired over that time, and he can pass on to you in easily understood step by step instructions.
Learn by doing, in the outside not a classroom or book. Use & practice the skills required to navigate using an Ordnance survey map & a compass, and relating that to the landscape around you. Plus other tips and advice to make your journey through the great outdoors, more enjoyable. 
Courses can be One to One or as a group. Based on the North York Moors.

By acquiring the skills and knowledge taught to you, on the courses, you will be able to navigate with confidence (You will need to practice the skills you are taught - to gain that confidence).
You will be taught to recognize the features on the map that rarely change, the shape and elevation of the hills (contours), the streams and rivers, and use those to confirm your location.

Courses based on the 
North York Moors.
The terrain on the moors can be pretty
featureless, if you can navigate on the moors, you can navigate anywhere!

These courses are available to everyone who uses the great outdoors, not just those who want a qualification or certificate.
Practical based, so no matter what your background or skill level you will be able to 
come along and learn. 
Ask as many questions as you want - someone
 else might want to ask, the same 'silly question' 
as you, but be afraid to ask.

You may say, "I don't need to learn to use a map 
& compass, I have my phone/GPS device."
They require batteries which can drain or the device may break, leaving you stranded.
Always carry a map & compass and importantly 
learn how to use them. Having map reading skills
 are for necessary for walkers & hikers.  

Old Plodder = Jim Haskell, no longer young 
& a retired police officer. 
I am active; walking & backpacking, just enjoying being outdoors. Watch my YouTube videos.
The opportunities abound living in the 
North of England.

Ordnance Survey Maps are some of the best maps in the World. 
However, even before they are published some of the data on them is out of date, and paper maps are only updated about every 
seven years. (Major changes on electronic devices updated more regularly-ish)
Footpaths are diverted, forests & woods are felled or planted, field boundaries are moved or disappear. 
Public rights of way on the map, are not apparent on the ground, or what you think is the path is actually just a sheep track. 
This is all true for electronic devices too !!!

Gift vouchers available 

The one day Basic Navigation Course is for those who wish to learn to navigate safely in the outdoors, using a map & compass. Electronic devices can fail. 
The basic one day course costs £65.00

The two day course offers more depth of knowledge and skill, with far more practice, learning to Micro Navigate The two days do not have to be taken consecutively, allowing time to practice their new skills before progressing to the next level 
The two day basic & advanced course costs £110.

Please contact Jim Haskell on 07597165258 or 
email to arrange where to send the 
gift voucher.

Once arrange you can purchase the gift voucher online
by following the link on the photos opposite.

See the contents of the various Courses Available here.

                    The 'Old Plodder'  -  Navigation Skills                            
Choose from a variety of activities listed below
Please show respect to everyone on our courses & to the residents of the countryside we use.
It is our play ground but their home & livelihood. Leave no trace, take your litter home.

Fully insured.        Outdoor & Mountain First Aid Qualified. 

Learn simple techniques with the map and compass, so you can navigate safely in mountainous and lowland terrain.
Discover about :- scale, bearings, map reference, contours, timing & pacing. How to use a compass etc.
Fully inclusive: - any age, gender & ability, the course can be adapted to suite you.
Learn by doing, the best way. 
All explained in easy steps.
Know where you are.
Know where you going. 
Know that you have reached your goal/destination

Learn what clothing and equipment to use, to travel safely in the Great Outdoors. 
The "Old Plodder" offers guided walks for groups and individuals.
These walks are based in The North York Moors & Yorkshire Dales National Parks.
Numbers are kept small for safety and to prevent disturbance of wildlife.

Advice on tents, rucksacks, sleeping and cooking systems. 
Be safe & comfortable living outdoors.
Join the "Old Plodder" on 2 or 3 day [1 or 2 nights] real backpacking expeditions to the high tops. Learn to camp wild. Follow the backpackers code.

There is nothing better, at the start or the end of a walk to sample the food & drinks from some of the wonderful food establishments to be found in North Yorkshire.
A pot of tea, with fruit cake & Wensleydale cheese.
Freshly brewed coffee.
Traditional or modern café food
Even a pint & a pub meal.
Proper Yorkshire portion sizes.
My recommendations.

What inspires him?
His ethos?
Meet Lola, the small Cretan dog his constant companion on the hills.

 "Don't let the old man in!!!" - Keeping a youthful & positive attitude to life. 
Age is but a number, not a defining factor on what you can do. 

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